Royal Family Pedigree

Have you ever wondered how Princess Michael of Kent is related to Princess Alice; how Richard II was connected to Richard III or how it was that the Plantagenet dynasty derived its Anglo-Saxon blood through the Royal House of Scotland?

To celebrate Her Majesty's Golden Jubilee, Achievements is proud to announce the re-issue of its popular chart The British Royal Family. The chart, described by Helen Bayne, Head of the Golden Jubilee Office in Buckingham Gate as 'very interesting and wonderfully detailed', includes all the key members of the royal family from Prince William back to the Anglo-Saxon god Woden, and includes the Norman and Scottish dynasties back to the 9th century, with the line(s) of English succession marked clearly in red. Instead of issuing this as a poster, Achievements will be making the chart available as individually printed copies on standard A1 paper.

Instead of mass producing the chart, we have decided to issue it on an individual basis. This means that copies can be individually modified to include one or more of the tens of thousand lines which connect our Queen to her subjects at home and in the Commonwealth. If you have a line of ancestry connecting you to the Royal Family, we can add the relevant details of up to 70 individuals to the chart and print a copy.

Click here to see a version of the chart in PDF format

Copies of The British Royal Family can be individually embellished by our heraldic artists with illustrations of the Royal Coat of Arms and the arms (if officially registered) of the commissioning descendant.

Ink jet copies of the chart can be purchased for £25.00. Customised versions of the chart, including up to 70 new names showing your connection(s) to the royal family, can be produced for a fee of £150.00. Please add £4.50 for post and packaging