Local or House Histories

ResearchingIf your interest in the past extends to your house or neighbourhood, Achievements can research a house history or local history. Both these fields are receiving extensive television coverage. Achievements can accomplish this and tell the story for you. We can start with whatever you know about your house or local area; our researchers' aim will be to add to your existing knowledge, uncovering the different layers of the past.

In the case of house histories, Achievements can usually offer a two-fold approach. The documentary history of the house can be uncovered from sources such as property surveys, land tax, tithe and enclosure maps as well as through the records associated with the individuals who lived or worked in the property, including census returns, electoral registers and wills. Allied to this we can often investigate the physical history of the property by arranging for an inspection by our architectural historian who can indicate building dates, construction techniques and phases of change and alterations.