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Did Your Ancestors Ever Have a Holiday?
Until the early 20th Century paid holidays were rare. Good Friday and Christmas day were usually holidays. Before the reformation of the 1530's, Saints' Days were 'holy days' but working hours were very long indeed, meaning that our ancestors were rarely given the opportunity to go away with their families.
Victorian legislation made many changes to the working day of our ancestors. For example, the 1833 Factory Act regulated the working hours of women and children, leadng to further legislation that gradually reduced the working week down to 60 hours for teenagers and women in your genealogy. Lucky things!
Could Your Ancestors Afford To Go To The Seaside? Before the coming of the railways very few people could. Even when they were at the seaside, most of our ancestors could not swim! EVEN MERCHANT OR ROYAL NAVY SAILORS DID NOT LEARN! They thought it would bring bad luck on a ship and bring about losses at sea. Ironically, this means that the annals of our country revealed in tracing a Family Tree or Family History are sadly full of drownings in ponds, canals and wells.
14 August 2006

Could this be David Beckham's Ancestor?
Everybody who is interested in their family history will be delighted to learn that it is now possible to learn something of the background to their ancestral villages. Moreover at least half of our traditional surnames are in turn based on place names. The Domesday Book, to coincide with its 920th anniversary, can now be searched digitally.
7 August 2006   More...

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